Introduction To Counselling Skills Certificate


This course in designed for those that wish to learn counselling and psychotherapy skills. It is an excellent feeder course onto the Diploma in Effective Psychotherapy.  Admission on to this Level 2 course is only on the basis of interest and there are no prior educational standards required.





The word psychotherapy is a generic term meaning, healing the mind.  There are many models of psychotherapy, coaching and counselling all of which have strengths and limitations.  A constant through most of these differing models of work are a set of basic communication and therapeutic skills that have become known as counselling skills.  This course is designed to give the learner those skills and whether for self-development or for progression into the profession of psychotherapist, the successful student will finish the course equipped with these skills.

There is a natural progression onto the Advanced Diploma in Effective© Psychotherapy.  EP is a solution focused, client centred approach to emotional growth and wellbeing that emphasises the individual’s capacity for controlling, altering and creating their emotional states.  It utilises several models of therapy including Freudian theory, hypnotherapy, coaching and CBT.  It allows psychotherapists to pick and choose the best fitting mode of therapy to assist clients to understand how the past affects the present.  It then goes on to focus on currently held attitudes and beliefs, emotions and behaviours known to be self-defeating for the person. It helps clients to change maladaptive thinking, feelings and behaviour to more healthy realistic alternatives which helps establish new, more constructive patterns for living a more fulfilling life.

Demand for psychotherapy has never been greater and continues to grow as people learn that there is no stigma in sometimes needing and asking for help from a professional psychotherapist.




The assessment pass mark is an overall 40% but for those wishing to progress to a Level 5 diploma a mark of 60% or above is required.

The class runs over two weekends, dates and times are in the Dates & Fees Section.

The cost of the course is £395 and the venue is Silsden Clinic. 32 Kirkgate. Silsden.  BD20 0AL.   Ray Freeman Training Ltd reserves the right to change the venue before the start of the course.

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Certificate in
Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills.

(Equivalent to QCF Level 2 – 130 hours)
Accredited by:

Coaching & Psychotherapy Training