We are Ray Freeman Training Ltd.  We train and develop psychotherapists and hypnotherapists.  All of our courses are accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists.

Our two year advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy is actually two stand-alone practitioner diplomas, one in hypnotherapy and the other in psychotherapy with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

We call our model of therapy Dynamic Effective Therapy because trained by us that is what you become.

Each client is unique and you will work using a combination of different models of therapy informed by the client’s issues.  We find no one model of therapy is complete so we train our student therapists to be able to select the parts of several models of therapy that will suit the client and be able to deal with the issues they present.

If you want to see if this may be a career for you then take our Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills.  This is a starter course to see if the profession is for you and if not then at least you have had some fun and learned new skills while you found out.  If it is for you then this is the perfect access course to our practitioner diplomas.

So, if you are seeking a career change to this wonderful profession and you want to be a Dynamic Effective Psychotherapist or Hypnotherapist with your clients then get in touch and discuss your needs with us and we will tell you all about the course.

If you are already a practising therapist and would like to expand your ability to other techniques and models of therapy then you too should contact us and tell us what you need.  If we can help, then we will…. Please look at our list of one day workshops all of which earn CPD hours.  

Ray Freeman BA (Hons) PGCE FNCP

Coaching & Psychotherapy Training